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4.0.0 (Build 1132) от Сорокин Дмитрий Олегович (@sorydima)
(0 Отзывы) июнь 02, 2024
REChain ®️ 🪐 REChain ®️ 🪐 REChain ®️ 🪐 REChain ®️ 🪐 REChain ®️ 🪐 REChain ®️ 🪐 REChain ®️ 🪐 REChain ®️ 🪐 REChain ®️ 🪐 REChain ®️ 🪐

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4.0.0 (Build 1132)
июнь 02, 2024
Сорокин Дмитрий Олегович (@sorydima)
iOS Apps
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Подробнее о REChain ®️ 🪐

REChain.Online! - PRIVATE & SECURE FUTURE! We created a completely new autonomous decentralized blockchain ecosystem REChain - to protect ordinary people from all the garbage and provide them with absolute security! Well, the bonus is the speed of work and the absence of the need to pay for anything, anywhere and ever in the universe! One of the parts of the REChain platform - a cryptosystem for communication and workspace - REChain.Online! Open Powered by open source libraries. Nonprofit We are changing this world for the better, rather than making money from our users! Cute Cute design and many theme settings including a dark mode. One-to-One & Groups Unlimited groups and direct chats.

**REChain.Online! - PRIVATE & SECURE FUTURE!**

Welcome to REChain.Online, a revolutionary part of the REChain ecosystem, dedicated to providing unparalleled security and privacy. Built on a decentralized blockchain, REChain is designed to shield users from online clutter and ensure absolute security, all without any fees!

**Key Features:**

- **Open Source:** Powered by open source libraries, fostering transparency and collaboration.

- **Nonprofit:** Our mission is to enhance the world, not profit from our users.

- **User-Friendly Design:** Adorable design with customizable themes, including dark mode.

- **Versatile Communication:** Unlimited groups and direct chats for seamless interactions.

- **Simplicity:** Intuitive and easy to use, ensuring a smooth user experience.

- **Katya AI Integration:** Katya AI enhances connectivity, making interactions effortless.

- **Invitations:** Easily invite friends to join the REChain.Online community.

- **Decentralized:** No central servers—choose a trusted server or host your own.

- **Cross-Platform Compatibility:** Accessible on all mobile and desktop devices, as well as any browser.

**Imagine a World:**

- Where you can choose your preferred messenger and communicate with everyone.

- Free from companies tracking your private moments.

- Where apps prioritize free and enjoyable communication over profit.

**Latest Updates:**

- **v@4.0.0 (1132):** Enhanced design, advanced UI for managing rooms, updated Katya AI, and improved error reporting.

- **New Features:** Threads, polls, location-sharing, and more.

- **Design Tweaks:** Refined chat settings, permission settings, and user experience improvements.

**Join Us in Dreaming Big:**

Stay safe, private, and true to yourself with REChain.Online. Be a part of a community that's been making the world a better place since 2017.

**Need Help?**

For assistance, contact us at:

- hr@rechain.email

- p2p@rechain.email

- pr@rechain.email

- sorydima@rechain.email

- support@rechain.email

- sip@rechain.email

- music@rechain.email

- cfa@rechain.email

- anti@rechain.email

- mot_cfa@rechain.email

**Our Success:**

By the end of 2023, REChain.Online had over 29 million downloads, a testament to our growing and thriving community.

**Stay Tuned:**

Dream big, stay safe, and enjoy a secure, private communication experience with REChain.Online. Have a great day!


**Mr. Detective Pikachu & the REChain Dream Team**

© 2019-2024 REChain, Inc. All rights reserved. REChain is a registered trademark.

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