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Armored Heroes Armored Heroes Armored Heroes Armored Heroes Armored Heroes Armored Heroes Armored Heroes Armored Heroes Armored Heroes Armored Heroes

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май 24, 2024
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We need you, Commander!
World War II stands as one of the most pivotal chapters in human history. Thousands of heroes engaged in battles with aircraft, ships, infantry, and tanks. Their valor is eternally commemorated through memorials, statues, maquettes, and dioramas. As children, we often fantasized about these monuments coming to life, enabling us to play within their historic scenes. Inspired by the essence of such dioramas, Armored Heroes pays homage to the crucial tank battles of World War II.

Key Features:

★ Embark on a thrilling journey through 200 campaign levels.
★ Commandeer 19 historically inspired WWII tanks.
★ Conquer 50 levels in the first campaign and reach Paris.
★ Lead historical Soviet tanks through the Russian Winter Campaign.
★ Maneuver Afrika Korps tanks in the challenging desert terrain.
★ Execute Operation Barbarossa with cutting-edge German tanks.
★ Upgrade your tanks and annihilate your enemies.
★ Utilize diverse ammo options tailored to your mission's needs.
★ Customize your tank's appearance with unique paint and camouflage.
★ Unlock achievements and earn medals for your exceptional performance.

Commander, Your Service is Needed! Join us, take command, and forge your path to victory! Let us honor and remember our heroes.

Easy to pick up historical tank game with Russian, American and German tanks!

This is the best tank battle game from 1DER Entertainment till now.

Play Armored Heroes and immerse yourself in the historical tank battles of World War II.

Tanks used as inspiration:

★ M24 Chaffee, M4A1 Sherman, M10 Wolverine, M26 Pershing
★ BT-7, T-34, KV-1, KV-2, JS-2
★ Panzerkampfwagen III, Panzerkampfwagen IV, Panther, Tiger, King Tiger
★ Stug-3, Jagdpanther, King Tiger Prosche, Jagdtiger, Maus

Join us:
Discord https://discord.com/invite/EjxkxaY
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/1derent
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/@1DERentertainment
Twitter: https://twitter.com/1DerEnt

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