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Boat Parking Simulation Game
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Now Featuring the Jet Ski, with 15 levels and 1 practice level, as well as various other improvements, Boat Master is better than ever, and now features over 90 levels!
Boat Master is a boat navigation and berthing (parking) simulation game where players have to berth different boats in varying conditions. It is designed to replicate the controls and conditions of berthing and navigating a real boat in a marina and coastal channels (rivers and bays) as closely as possible.

Current Features

- Drive and berth a motorboat or superyacht (see screenshots) with 2 engines and bow and stern thrusters, using either berthing controls which allow access to all thrusters and easy individual engine control or driving mode which provides a steering wheel and individual or simultaneous control of both engines.

- Drive a yacht with a single engine and steering wheel, along with bow thrusters in easier levels.

- Drive a speedboat with a single engine & steering wheel as well as realistic tilting when turning at speed.

- Drive a dual engine control Euro Cruiser with a steering wheel but no thrusters.

- Drive a Jet Ski with realistic engine-driven steering, making low speed maneuvering more difficult.

- Drive any boat through a channel in various conditions where you need to obey navigation markers and signs as well as avoid AI-Controlled boats going in the opposite direction. At the end of the navigation level, you then need to berth the boat in a small marina.

- Multiple difficulty levels and berthing conditions and situations, including:
- A hands-on tutorial level explaining the different controls
- Wind and current which vary in direction and strength in different levels
- Different berth locations and widths
- Randomly timed thruster failure in harder levels

- Berth the boat as quickly as you can without damaging it with the built-in time-based scoring system, as well as a 3-star scoring system, which gives you a rating based on your performance. If you don't obey navigation rules, crash, or are too slow, you won't get the 3 stars for the level (specific rules for getting ratings are outlined at the start of each level on the start screen).

- Realistic water physics with drag based on speed and realistic boat handling (now including prop walk on the yacht)

- multiple camera modes, including views from both sides, the front, back and the top of the boat as well as a camera mode which looks at the target berth from anywhere on the map while keeping the boat in view.

- Console and PC level graphics with modern post-processing effects like Bloom, Ambient Occlusion and Filmic Colour Grading (turn on in settings). You can also improve the performance of the game by reducing reflection resolution, increasing the FPS target, and more. A new battery saver mode and the new balanced mode will automatically determine the best settings for your device.

- Try the first level of each of the paid boats after watching an ad.

DISCLAIMER: This app is not a substitute for real life boat berthing or driving training, some boats (Superyacht, Yacht, Speedboats & Jet Ski) are paid (they are behind a one-time in-app purchase that costs real money to unlock).

iPhone 6 / 6S. The iPhone 5S really struggles to run this game currently, as does the original iPad Air.

iPhone 6S / 7 / iPad Air 2 or above.
When playing on these devices or above it is recommended to turn on Colour Grading and Vignette in settings for a better graphical experience, though if you choose the 'balanced' graphics setting this should happen automatically in version 1.4.1 or above.

Turning on post-processing features in settings will reduce the performance of the app, with Bloom and Ambient Occlusion being the most demanding.

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