City Shop Simulator

City Shop Simulator

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City Shop Simulator City Shop Simulator City Shop Simulator City Shop Simulator City Shop Simulator

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Open your own super store‪!‬
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Welcome to City Shop Simulator, an addictive game where you become the owner of your own store, developing it from a small shop to a huge supermarket!
At the beginning of your journey, you get a small store with a small assortment of goods. It's up to you how you modify this space. Choose where to place shelves and refrigerators, arrange products to attract customers, and serve them at the checkout based on their needs and preferences.

Your efforts will definitely not go unrewarded. Gradually, as the level of your supermarket increases, you will be able to expand it by purchasing additional space and licenses for new products. Our simulator has everything: fresh food, semi-finished products, household chemicals - your possibilities are limited only by your finances.

To ensure more efficient management of your supermarket, you can hire additional employees. Cashiers will help you serve customers faster, and warehouse workers will arrange items to keep shelves organized and stocked. The better your store is organized, the more satisfied customers and revenue you will earn.

You can also show your creativity by customizing your supermarket. Change the interior, paint the walls, choose the style of the floors - create a unique space that will attract attention and will appeal to visitors.

Don't forget to monitor price changes. Analyze demand, adjust your assortment to customer needs, and your supermarket will become an important part of the city.

Are you ready to become an experienced manager and build the most successful store in the city? Embark on an exciting journey with City Shop Simulator and turn your dream into reality!

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