Combat Fighting: Fight Games

Combat Fighting: Fight Games

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Combat Fighting: Fight Games Combat Fighting: Fight Games Combat Fighting: Fight Games Combat Fighting: Fight Games Combat Fighting: Fight Games Combat Fighting: Fight Games Combat Fighting: Fight Games Combat Fighting: Fight Games

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май 27, 2024
Martial Arts Champion 2024
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Be the ultimate Combat Fighting Champion to master Kung Fu, Karate, UFC, Boxing & MMA skills to achieve knockout glory!
Are you ready to be a part of the biggest freestyle wrestling fight and become a PRO? Download and play this action-packed fighting game now. Play in career mode or championship mode to show some real wrestling moves. Play against the legendary players and defeat them to become a master.

The boxing and wrestling, freestyle punches, kicks and combos, the superpower skills, and movement throughout the octagon ring, all here in this combat martial arts game which will feel like you are in the rings with the opposition of great fighters who ruled all over in the world.

Beat your opponent brutally and in no mercy way like a complete injustice in your mind, let the beast down otherwise be ready to lose the championship. Exercise all your fighting skills in this best martial arts game to beome a champion. Your opponents will not go easy on you, it’s time to show them who is a PRO at wrestling.

Start your career as a combat boxer and then go to the championship matches with the legendary player having their powers and attack choose between the players and unlock other heroes by the cash earned in the level rewards!
Upgrade your power gradually and add more freestyle skills to your hero.
You have the best combat Fighting Games in your hands.

This game offer two different modes to play. Pick a player of your liking and along with them unlock new powers that will increase your chance at winning. Get rewards after completing each level. This game has realistic background music that will boost your energy while playing. You also get an option to upgrade your current players and their powers. The game has interesting gameplay with HD graphics that will give you a real-life wrestling environment.


- Two different playing modes: Career Mode & Championship Mode
- Rewards on each level and choose in between many players
- Unlock the players with more powers
- Upgrade players and their powers
- Smooth gameplay, feasible UI, and realistic 3D models
- HD graphics with entertaining Gameplay
- Realistic sound effects with awesome animations
Here the privacy link:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xY5PLhrKwuTUHKosbRW23KdfzN-fuPyF/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=117069705785373751657&rtpof=true&sd=true

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