Delicious: Cooking and Romance

Delicious: Cooking and Romance

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(0 Отзывы) июль 01, 2024
Delicious: Cooking and Romance Delicious: Cooking and Romance Delicious: Cooking and Romance Delicious: Cooking and Romance Delicious: Cooking and Romance Delicious: Cooking and Romance Delicious: Cooking and Romance Delicious: Cooking and Romance Delicious: Cooking and Romance Delicious: Cooking and Romance

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июль 01, 2024
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Your favorite Snuggford family is back in town! Join Emily and her crew on their latest culinary adventure in a brand-new time management cooking game! Get ready for some 'Delicious' fun that will leave you hungry for more!

Exciting news hits the small town of Snuggford when Hollywood movie producers select the town as the setting for their upcoming romantic comedy. While Emily's loved ones cheer, uncertainty lingers about whether everything will go according to plan. Help Emily "flip the script" as she guides Snuggford's residents through the unpredictable show business world, braving the ups and downs that come with it. With her unwavering determination and hard work, Emily aims to make the movie a hit and put Snuggford on the map.

Angela, Emily's sister, finds herself in a tough spot as she navigates her tumultuous relationship with Killian Murray while also being pursued by a charming movie star. It's a difficult decision to make, but ultimately Angela will have to choose which of these potential suitors will become her real-life romantic partner.

That's not all! Your favourite character and Emily's best friend, Francois, is back!! He guides Emily's daughter Paige through the ins and outs of her first teenage crush: obviously rom-com-style!

Join Emily O'Malley in her journey to balance various roles such as wife, mother, friend, restaurant owner, chef, and film producer in this exciting time management cooking game. You will encounter familiar faces such as Patrick, Paige, Emmy, Vito Jr., Edward, Evelyn, Francois, Angela, and a pesky & persistent mouse that will surely make your experience both dramatic and amusing.

📖 Exciting story and discover new characters
This is a story to fall in love with! It's full of surprises that will keep you hooked from start to finish. The characters are all unique and interesting, and as you play the game, you'll discover more about what makes them tick.

⏱️Test your Time-Management skills
When you're cooking up a storm for your hungry customers, it's important to keep track of time. With a little attention to detail, you can make sure that each dish is made with love and served up quickly, ensuring a happy and satisfied dining experience for all.

⏳ 60 Time Management Levels
This engaging tale is filled with both romance and laughter, taking readers on a journey through various levels of time management challenges. Experience the twists and turns of the story as you navigate through the ups and downs of the characters' lives.

🕹️ 30 Bonus levels
If you're up for an extra challenge, the bonus levels are just for you! These levels offer additional hurdles that will put your skills to the test. Give them a try and see if you can conquer them all.

🍳Create a variety of inventive dishes
Create a variety of inventive dishes from ever-changing and expanding menus - from delicious small-town American fare to European fusion.

💲 Restaurant Upgrades
Smartly upgrade and gorgeously decorate your restaurants - including the Taste of Snuggford, the Lovemore Cafe, and the return of the Happy Funtime Land amusement park!

🧩Special gameplay events, mini-games, and more!
Experience a multitude of engaging gameplay events and exciting mini-games, as well as other entertaining features!

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