Destiny: Love Story & Chapters

Destiny: Love Story & Chapters

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Destiny: Love Story & Chapters Destiny: Love Story & Chapters Destiny: Love Story & Chapters Destiny: Love Story & Chapters Destiny: Love Story & Chapters Destiny: Love Story & Chapters Destiny: Love Story & Chapters

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июнь 02, 2024
Romance On Your Fancy Choice
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Join Destiny to choose your romance, start a relationship either in a vibrant campus, a castle full of unknowns or the flashy showbiz!
Who is your destiny lover?
Should your lover be a Vampire or Alpha Wolf?
Should your lover be gentle Billionaire, domineering Mafia or seducive Popstar?
Or you could simply be the fantasy, perfect lover!

ALL visual stories are original and well-designed, play/interact your destiny:
- A brand new life on your own choices
- Meet your destiny lover the way on your own choices
- Romances with ALL OF THEM on your own choices
- Start a fascinating adventure into the enchanted world

Our featured stories:
His Secret Submissive - 5 Stars
Writing a story on BDSM has been your lifelong dream, but what if the inspiration comes from a masked dominant? Will you be able to make it come true finally? Or will you be lost in fame, love and lust?

My Mafia Master - 5 Stars
At your most delicate moment, after you lost your memory, it is your fiance who helps you regain your passion and hope. But he's been hiding some terrible secret from you...Are you going to be a happy fool or a sober loner?

Short In Three - 5 Stars
A show where love, passion, and desire intertwine, a woman who changes your life, and a man who turns you on with fire. What's your decision?

Alpha’s Obsession - 5 Stars
An heir to a big studio and a famous movie star; a masculine werewolf and a charming gentle vampire. What say you? Try taking both?

CEO's Reborn Secretary - 5 Stars
Catching husband sleeping with your best friend, you died desparetely in your husband's hand with unborn child. Now, you’ve got a second chance in life: REVENGE or LET it go?

Download now and make a romance decision!!!

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