DNS Changer - IPv4 & IPv6

DNS Changer - IPv4 & IPv6

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DNS Changer - IPv4 & IPv6 DNS Changer - IPv4 & IPv6 DNS Changer - IPv4 & IPv6 DNS Changer - IPv4 & IPv6 DNS Changer - IPv4 & IPv6 DNS Changer - IPv4 & IPv6 DNS Changer - IPv4 & IPv6

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What is DNS Changer for Android?
DNS Changer is the simplest way to change your DNS server and find fastest DNS server with DNS server speed test. It works for both Mobile network data and Wi-Fi connection without root and support IPv4 and IPv6 DNS servers. You can simply choose from a list of preconfigured public DNS Servers or add your own custom DNS Server.

DNS Changer change’s your device’s DNS address without affecting your connection speed and help keep your web browsing fast, more secure and private. it also allow you to access websites region-blocked by your ISP and may speed up your internet connection and improve online gaming experience with reduce of latency ping time which give faster response.

How does DNS Changer app improve my internet browsing?

When you have high speed internet connection but you noticed your web browsing speed its not all that it should be then your problem may lie in device default DNS server. By optimizing or changing your device's DNS servers you can find the fastest routes to travel internet for your data packets to take. it will not boost your download/upload speed but it will quite a noticeable improve your web browsing time.

Default DNS server directly affect on your internet browsing speed, so by choosing the fastest DNS server based on your location will help you to speed up internet browsing.

With DNS changer app, you can find fastest DNS server and simply connect to it with single touch.

List of preconfigured DNS servers:
CleanBrowsing, Cloudflare DNS, DNS.WATCH, Comodo Secure DNS, Google Public DNS, Level3 DNS, Neustar UltraDNS, OpenDNS, Quad9, UncensoredDNS, Yandex.DNS and more.

Why to change DNS server?

✔ Freely explore on your favorite sites & apps
✔ Enjoy the fast and private internet browsing experience
✔ Stay more secure on public Wi-Fi
✔ Accessing restricted websites
✔ Prevent access to malicious websites
✔ Improve online gaming experience
✔ Easy to use and one tap connect – no login required

Key features:

✔ Control over which app should use the Selected DNS Server (Pro)
✔ DNS Speed Test to find the fastest DNS server
✔ Choose from Preconfigured public DNS server list
✔ Add your own custom DNS server
✔ Gives Real time network graph, connection type and IPs information
✔ Works for Mobile Network Data (2G/3G/4G/5G) and WiFi
✔ IPv4 & IPv6 DNS support
✔ Start on boot feature
✔ Works without root
✔ No system resources consumption (Battery/Ram/Cpu)
✔ 100% Ad-free & Does not collect personal data
✔ Fast, Reliable and Easy to use

AppPlanex DNS Changer is 100% ad free and does not collect any personal user data.

Please Note:
This app use a VPN Service to only setup a local VPN interface to change the DNS server addresses. Your network traffic will not be sent to a remote VPN server.

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions regarding app get in touch at support@AppPlanex.com.

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