Dragon Trail 2: Fantasy World

Dragon Trail 2: Fantasy World

1.9.4001 от New world is open‪!‬
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Dragon Trail 2: Fantasy World Dragon Trail 2: Fantasy World Dragon Trail 2: Fantasy World Dragon Trail 2: Fantasy World Dragon Trail 2: Fantasy World

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май 28, 2024
New world is open‪!‬
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※New Classes and New Map※Log in to get SR Pet, 10,000 Draws, Mount※Return to get 40,000 diamonds
It is a tale as old as time...
One day,
a new world dawned on the Star Island Continent.
The wheel of fate turned as elemental forces surged.
Follow the direction of fate and enter the temporal turbulence.
Hunters, embark on another journey in the New World!

A secret rift, an ancient holy tree, a forgotten land of spiritual power, a book that prophesies the end of the world, a fearless young man, an adventure full of thrill and excitement, a truth yet to be revealed...
You are a curious young man who came upon some old notebooks and letters of your father's. To find the truth behind your father's disappearance, you follow his footsteps and become a hunter.
Download now to embark on a new-world fantasy adventure!

[Reborn in New World, Embark on a Fantasy Adventure]
Sail to the new world via the time-space gate, with three new twin characters from the Captors!
[Holy Tree Rift, Vivid New World]
Realistic visuals with next-gen tech and real-time effects rendering. Freely change the weather system between the four seasons and explore the rift with infinite fun.
[100 Pets, Light of Noah]
A hundred unique pets to evolve! The mysterious powers of Hunting Spirits will crown you, as Noah's starlight shines upon the holy trees.
[Dragon Contact, Rising Champions]
The descendants of the Champions of the Star Island shall continue their ancestors' exploration of the ruins. A young swordsman from the Mars Clan, an agile archer from Uranus, a mysterious sorcerer from Neptune, and a cold-blooded assassin from Helios. They will continue the legend in the rift and bring about a new age...
[Hold your Hands, Gaze the Stars]
A pair to finally reunite in the rift after a thousand years of waiting below the holy tree. Share whispers of love and tears of happiness, and start a love story here.
[Dangerous Traps, Confusing Mazes]
A fantastic maze, an endless holy tree trail, a vast hunting ground... Explore the underground world, race through traps, relax and enjoy hunting.
[Screen Switch, Conquer the Rift]
Only one tap to switch to landscape mode for full control! Experience smooth gameplay, defeat all enemies with ease and ascend to the throne!

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