Enchanted Kingdom 3 f2p

Enchanted Kingdom 3 f2p

1.0.62 от Do Games Limited
(0 Отзывы) июнь 06, 2024
Enchanted Kingdom 3 f2p Enchanted Kingdom 3 f2p Enchanted Kingdom 3 f2p Enchanted Kingdom 3 f2p Enchanted Kingdom 3 f2p Enchanted Kingdom 3 f2p Enchanted Kingdom 3 f2p Enchanted Kingdom 3 f2p Enchanted Kingdom 3 f2p Enchanted Kingdom 3 f2p

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июнь 06, 2024
Do Games Limited
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A new free to play version of Enchanted Kingdom: Fog of Rivershire that many players will like! You need to seek and find hidden objects and win this fun search and find mystery games full of puzzles, brain teasers and mini-games! This game has no plot differences with the original object finding games adventure, and its main feature is that you can play the entire hidden objects mystery games quest for free!
The citizens of Rivershire have been infected with a terrible disease that is slowly turning them into monsters. Because of your magical immunity, you can heal the townsfolk and stop the infection from spreading across the entire kingdom! You set out the cure against the infection! Can you locate the source of the infection and return the town to normal before it’s too late?

👑 Save the royal family from danger!
A wicked demon kidnapped young Prince Carven! You must go through all puzzles, brain teasers and riddles to stop the demon and save the heir of the Tar Empire!

👑 Collect coins to gather your collection!
This Collector’s Edition provides a lot of bonuses like collectible coins, artifacts and morphing objects! Mystery hidden object games are waiting for you, enjoy playing puzzles, brain teasers and seek and find games and gather all the Collections!

👑 Visit your hatchlings in the medico imperium incubator!
Gather eggs of mysterious creatures as you play mini-games and visit your hatchlings in the Medico Imperium Incubator of our free hidden object games!

Download one of the most breathtaking free games of hidden objects – Enchanted Kingdom: Fog of Rivershire! Play the game for absolutely free, but if you feel stuck or don’t want to solve a mini-game, you may buy hints to help you proceed quicker!

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Solve puzzles and brain teasers in these great new top mystery search and find games!

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