Hex of Steel

Hex of Steel

7.5.3 от WW2 turn-based Strategy game‪.‬
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Hex of Steel Hex of Steel Hex of Steel Hex of Steel Hex of Steel Hex of Steel Hex of Steel Hex of Steel Hex of Steel Hex of Steel

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июль 01, 2024
WW2 turn-based Strategy game‪.‬
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WARNING: Older devices will not be able to run the biggest scenarios. You need a device with good GPU/CPU performances in order to run those, it is hard to tell which iPad/iPhone can or cannot run those. iPhone X (Any 2017 device) and above should run those fine. You will still be able to play any of the campaign scenarios with any device, there is a hundred of them (or play in multiplayer).
Hex of Steel is a refreshing WWII wargame covering all fronts featuring a certain amount of original mechanics. Fight in solo against finally a decent AI throughout Europe, Africa or the Pacific, or against a friend in the cross-platform PBEM multiplayer.

Embark on a gaming journey that started with just 53 euros from Kickstarter and a dream! "Hex of Steel" is not just another wargame; it's a testament to determination and passion.

Key Features that Set "Hex of Steel" Apart:
• Adaptive AI that Never Cheats.
• Explore Gigantic Scenarios Spanning Europe, North Africa, Pacific, and more.
• No Turn Limits, No Unit Limits (Can be changed).
• Cross-Platform Multiplayer (PC/Mobile).
• Play with Standard Unit Representation or NATO Icons.
• Capture and Deploy Almost Any Unit in Your Army.
• Engage in Branched Campaigns with Core Units – Shape Their History Throughout the Campaign.
• Diplomacy that Adds Depth to Strategy (Wars, Alliances, Truces).
• Over 50 Policies to Personalize Your Gameplay – Choose Doctrines, Occupation, Conscription, and More!
• Unleash Your Creativity with Multiple Editors: Tiles, Units, Countries, and Scenarios.
• Random Scenario Generator (Work in Progress) for Endless Challenges.
• Experience Dynamic Weather with Stunning Sound and Graphics Effects.
• Dive into a World of Unique and Optional Mechanics – Explore Limitless Possibilities!

Absolutely no paid content / in app purchases!

Don't miss your chance to immerse yourself in the ultimate wargaming experience – "Hex of Steel" awaits your strategic brilliance!

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