Lime Playground Sandbox

Lime Playground Sandbox

1.6 от Challenges, sandbox, ragdolls‪.‬
(0 Отзывы) июнь 06, 2024
Lime Playground Sandbox Lime Playground Sandbox Lime Playground Sandbox Lime Playground Sandbox Lime Playground Sandbox Lime Playground Sandbox

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июнь 06, 2024
Challenges, sandbox, ragdolls‪.‬
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Challenges, Sandboxes, Ragdolls. Create your life script.
Lime Playground Sandbox is an exciting puzzle game that offers players a unique combination of shooting, driving, and destruction. In this sandbox, you will be able to create and destroy various fruit characters (watermelon, pineapple, apple, orange, cucumber, melon, etc.) using various tools such as trampolines, fans, and a cannon (to be included in the next update), as well as fight off hordes of zombies.

In Lime Playground Sandbox, you can expect different levels and scenes, each with its own unique tasks and obstacles. You can have fun experimenting with different tools and watching the comical reactions of the fruit characters. The game's physics engine provides realistic movements and destruction, while the intuitive controls make the gameplay process simple and enjoyable for players of all ages.

In addition to that, Lime Playground Sandbox features various challenges and mini-games that will allow you to test yourself and help your lime character overcome hundreds of trials. With the humor and creative possibilities of the game, you can create unique and comical scenes and scenarios, making the characters perform silly actions or land in absurd situations. The ease of use and the possibility of replayability make Lime Playground Sandbox a popular game among a multitude of players.

If you are looking for an interesting way to pass the time or creatively solve problems, Lime Playground Sandbox is the perfect game for you. Treat yourself to hours of fun and entertainment with this captivating game!

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