Live or Die 1: Survival Pro

Live or Die 1: Survival Pro

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Live or Die 1: Survival Pro Live or Die 1: Survival Pro Live or Die 1: Survival Pro Live or Die 1: Survival Pro Live or Die 1: Survival Pro Live or Die 1: Survival Pro Live or Die 1: Survival Pro Live or Die 1: Survival Pro Live or Die 1: Survival Pro Live or Die 1: Survival Pro

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май 24, 2024
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This game is for fans of survival games, for true connoisseurs of zombie games atmosphere, who like to be survivor and collect resources in dayz. The game Live or Die 1 combines elements of zombie apocalypse, rpg games, zombie survival games, open world games and action. Arrived last day on earth, days gone and started apocalypse. Survive and explore abandoned city and our the open world games, build and upgrade your rust shelter, build defense from zombies, build a motorcycle, gather resourses, oxide in forest and don't starve, craft, complete zombie apocalypse quest, watch out for the dead by daylight. Follow the rules of survival and try to survive the challenge 7 days to die in our zombie survival games.
Features fun game Live or Die 1:
⭐ The game is available online;
⭐ Adventure mode for offline play with other survivor and exploration bunkers;
⭐ Apocalypse atmosphere and realism survival;
⭐ Global maps, generation of enemies and loot;
⭐ System of improving the level of the character and the crafting of items;
⭐ Choice of gameplay: sandbox or zombies mode.

Live or Die 1 is a free survival games that requires an internet connection. Some items in the game can also be purchased for real money.

Rules of survival in zombie game Live or Die:

⚔️ Make survival craft tools, weapons and armor.

Our survival game is unpredictable: the last of us can always become a victim. Create power weapons like AK-47, M4, etc. and defend against the dead in daylight. In zombie shooter you can find guns in far cry locations.

⛏️ Gather with an ax, pickaxe or other tools.

While you’ll explore the open world life after apocalypse, you'll also be able to find tools, zombie shooter weapons, oxide and other vital resources for survive days after zombies doomsday.

🏹 Try hunting, grow food.

Don't starve, start hunting. Plant your own crops and grow healthy food. After all, healthy food has a far cry with dead remains.

🏗️ Build, upgrade shelter.

Build your own rust shelter, that helps surviving in our zombie games days after doomsday. The construction system in survival game does not limit you.

🔝 Upgrade your survivor.

Increase your survivability by finding, improving and survive craft armor in our rpg games. It help you complete challange 7 days to die and stay the last of us among the zombies.

🛡️ Defend your shelter from zombies.

You will have to develop and fight for your life even more desperately, because this is a zombie game and you survivor after dayz.

🗺️ Explore the open world.

In zombie game you can find: airplane crashes, military bases, lost oxide islands, bunkers, other last outlander, abandoned city, dead in daylight. After the last day on earth, there were a lot of lost things left behind which can be found far cry from civilization.

☣️ Learn the history of the apocalypse.

After cataclysm turned the world into an endless wilderness zombies era. Days gone the apocalypse the last of us are looking for shelters and other last outlander.

⏲️ Coming soon adventure:
⭐ Pets in our zombie survival games;
⭐ Multiplayer mode for online play with friends: free PVP;
⭐ Large settlements to communicate with other players;
⭐ Clan bases: build a base with friends and attack other clans;
⭐ The zombie shooter game will become multiplayer with PvE quests and you will be able to survival online;
⭐ Raids on bosses and hunting mutants with a clan last outlander.

Begin your adventure after the last day on earth in the zombie apocalypse. Survivor in zombie games waiting survival in abandoned city in which is dangerous and need improve your survivor in rpg games. Explore our open world games when the days gone apocalypse dayz and begin your challenge of 7 days to die. Fortify rust shelter and don't starve. We are waiting for you in an adventure our survival games Live or Die.

Join the global survival game Live or Die community
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LiveorDiesurvival.
Customer service email: help@notfoundgames.com

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