Mechs - Tower Defense Strategy

Mechs - Tower Defense Strategy

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Mechs - Tower Defense Strategy Mechs - Tower Defense Strategy Mechs - Tower Defense Strategy Mechs - Tower Defense Strategy Mechs - Tower Defense Strategy Mechs - Tower Defense Strategy Mechs - Tower Defense Strategy Mechs - Tower Defense Strategy Mechs - Tower Defense Strategy Mechs - Tower Defense Strategy

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Hello all Tower Defense TD games funs! It is time to construct turrets, upgrade and defend!
Welcome to the widely known genre of TD, which you probably already know. If not, the concept is simple: The alien enemies are approaching, and they will be here soon. You are in charge of defence supported by your mechs and turrets. You have to decide what kind of turret and where should you construct to defend against enemies. There are no shortcuts. The only way to succeed is to use a correct tactics. On top of common known turret mechanics we have added customizable battle mechs - supporting the fight with specific abilities to let you build even more advanced td strategies to survive in a warzone. This is a feature added to typical tower defense games mechanic.

The scenario of our td strategy game is designed for players of any advancement – from beginner, to master. It has 2 distinct difficulty levels. It has also two play modes:
- First one is called a “Campaign” in which you play through the whole story of robo - mech heroes fighting against artificial intelligence on an alien planet Naru somewhere in the galaxy.
- The second is a "Challenge" and not without reason, as it is designed to make even the smartest players scratch their heads to figure out which tactics to choose and how to organize their towers, robo - mech heroes and overall defense warzone.

Playable heroes are operating their battle robo - mech having unique abilities. You can upgrade robo – mechs and unlock special war abilities, to ensure they are providing just what you need to defend against Robo – Insecto - Bots. You need to mix the turret based td strategy with their unique weapon and war skills to succeed.
You can also upgrade each tower type capabilities in Tech Lab. You may change upgrades setup whenewer you want - e.g. customize your tactics on the go, after each and every td mission.
If you love tower defence strategy games, sci fi td, robo games, or simply want to try something new, just give it a try. It is free to play and think to win tower defense!
You don’t need internet connection – it is working as an offline tower defence game as well.
If you like it – please give us a rating. If you had any suggestions how to improve it please write a review or send us an email: support@greysharkapps.com. We would be more than happy to hear from you and improve further this tower defense strategy.
Start playing "Mechs - Tower Defense Strategy" – td strategy game and fight against rogue AI on an alien planet. Examine in practice your defense strategy and tactics! Rush to the warzone of total madness and face the ultimate anomaly – Mainframe. Storm his castle and the whole kingdom and let the little legends shine. These heroes from Earth may be novice but will prove themselves if it comes to defense of kingdom. The onslaught never stops, so enjoy the madness of a battle rush even offline.
Mainframe is not the only anomaly though as you will have to conquer his kingdom in a warzone full of mechs legends. You don’t have to rush the offline fight against total madness. Instead, try conquering the kingdom like you were besieging a castle. Use the earth legends to your advantage and bring onslaught to the realm defeating every anomaly in this offline warzone.

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