ModelRailway Millionaire Light

ModelRailway Millionaire Light

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ModelRailway Millionaire Light ModelRailway Millionaire Light ModelRailway Millionaire Light ModelRailway Millionaire Light ModelRailway Millionaire Light ModelRailway Millionaire Light

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июнь 12, 2024
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Model railway builder with economy simulation. Build your layout, deliver food and row materials to the cities to earn game money, and expand your world till the limits!
This game is a mix of model railway and economic simulation. You can select the size of your layout and edit the terrain by painting it using different textures and creating hills, rivers, lakes, platforms, slopes, or select different premade terrain types. Then populate the layout with beautiful 3D models of engines, wagons, buildings, plants etc., but only as you wallet - which is limited in is this free version - enables to buy the new items. It is very important to build a working economics from the beginning, so that your money resources never run out.

Creating the track layout is very easy with the self explaining menus, which offer always only the possible actions during the use. The track can climb up to the hills or go through them with tunnels. The length of the track is practically unlimited. You can add as many switches as you want, only your fantasy limits the complexity.

Put engines and wagons on the built track and just push them with your finger, and they start to move. They will travel the prepared track and stop automatically at the placed industrial buildings and stations. The trains will deliver automatically food, steel and oil to the city stations, and if your cities are big enough you can transport passengers between them.

If you build big cities, deliver enough food, steel and oil, and offer transportation to the city inhabitants, your game money may increase till the limits of this free version.

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