Mr. Mine: Idle Miner Town

Mr. Mine: Idle Miner Town

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Mr. Mine: Idle Miner Town Mr. Mine: Idle Miner Town Mr. Mine: Idle Miner Town Mr. Mine: Idle Miner Town Mr. Mine: Idle Miner Town Mr. Mine: Idle Miner Town Mr. Mine: Idle Miner Town Mr. Mine: Idle Miner Town Mr. Mine: Idle Miner Town Mr. Mine: Idle Miner Town

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Welcome to Mr. Mine, the idle mining simulator tycoon, where you're a capitalist miner. With a tap of your finger, you manage a gold mine factory for generating cash money. Idle to unearth rare treasure. Gold, diamonds, and more! Earn more money and upgrade faster! This isn't just an idle clicker. It's a unique mining simulator. Become an Idle Hero and tap to kickstart your gold and digging tycoon now!
Unveiled in 2012, Mr.Mine is unlike other simulator games, it is made by the creators of Clicker Heroes and has attracted over 20 million miners, tycoons and idle clicker enthusiasts. If tap and idle games are your gold mine, you won't be able to put down Mr. Mine, the ultimate miner's clicker experience. It's a money printing factory in your pocket!

Mr. Mine brings a novel twist to incremental games by infusing elements of adventure and discovery. Feel like a real tycoon as you manage a team of miners and idle through the mine, earning cash, unearthing mysteries and treasures in this simulator adventure. Tap to behold the gold and goblins in the underground, a testament to your idle success.

Featuring over 100+ drill upgrades waiting to be unlocked as you venture further into the mines. Your miners act as pickcrafters that transforms your mines into a flourishing cash factory that keeps on giving. Earn more money, upgrade, and unlock advanced digging and mining tools!

Main features of Mr. Mine Idle Tycoon:
Gold & Mining Quest - Engage in over 90 quests in this idle simulator tycoon. Conquer achievements and unlock wealth that makes you a millionaire tycoon.
Mysterious Idle Challenges - Secret encounters await in the goldmine. Find them all in this idle miner's adventure that simulates the thrills of a real mine.
Treasure Chests - Locate the gold and goblins in the underground city and discover chests with hidden upgrades and heaps of gold to become a miner tycoon!
Dig Deep - Delve deeper into the mines and idle to unlock features and discovering hidden gems of the idle craft world!
Idle Miner Adventure - Fear inflation? Become an Idle Hero and idle through your mines, tapping away to gather tons of gems and ores with your pickaxe to make your billions! Embrace the life of a miner tycoon!
Gold Trading Post - Ascend to tycoon status, where resources overflow, enabling the creation of a trading post for gold and mineral exchanges and chest discoveries!
Simulator Experience - As a tycoon, enjoy a rich simulator experience where you build and manage your mining empire, creating a money factory that just keeps growing.

Do you enjoy simulator games? Well Build a mining empire from scratch, your very own money factory in this Incremental game! Upgrade, expand, and grow your mining business! Extract natural minerals, valuable ores, and isotopes with our incremental digging simulator and become a millionaire! Experience real clicker fun - Just tap to play!

Hire miners and enhance your mining machines. Automate the process and become a capitalist swimming in cash! Produce resources for selling - Coal, Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Uranium, and more. Become an underground mining tycoon, the king of your gold factory!

How to play Mr. Mine Idle Tycoon
Idle and tap to mine for resources, your first step to becoming a millionaire tycoon and idle hero.
Complete quests to earn gold and progress in your journey for more cash.
Buy and sell ores, using your tycoon skills to earn gold in this mining simulator!
Upgrade your drill, for better idle earnings.
Upgrade your miners, to mine faster and earn more cash!
Upgrade your life, using the money earned from your gold factory to live like a true tycoon.

Download our idle clicker and mining simulator to step into the world of Mr. Mine - An idle miner adventure for all fans of incremental games

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