Mystery Tales 14 f2p

Mystery Tales 14 f2p

1.0.76 от Do Games Limited
(0 Отзывы) июль 01, 2024
Mystery Tales 14 f2p Mystery Tales 14 f2p Mystery Tales 14 f2p Mystery Tales 14 f2p Mystery Tales 14 f2p Mystery Tales 14 f2p Mystery Tales 14 f2p Mystery Tales 14 f2p Mystery Tales 14 f2p Mystery Tales 14 f2p

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июль 01, 2024
Do Games Limited
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Free to play paranormal game of Mystery Tales: Master of Puppets by Domini Games! Embark on a mystery adventure and discover a new story with supernatural & ghosts. Detective, you have to investigate the grim unsolved case files of the Grey family, which is full of puzzles and hidden objects. Find all the clues at the crime scene in the mystic mansion. Can you solve the dark secret or will you try to escape room?
When Miranda Grey’s husband goes missing, you jump on the chance to investigate! The case files and evidence show us that we are dealing with paranormal activity. Others have disappeared from the Grey’s mansion in the past, leaving nothing but strange dolls in their place. When you encounter a ghostly presence, you quickly realize there’s much more to this mystery than meets the eye. Can you stop a dangerous presence from destroying the Grey family, or will you become a permanent resident of the estate yourself? Find out in this thrilling tale with the hidden object & puzzles by Domini Games f2p!

🧙 Bonus chapter!
Stop a mad scientist and his mysterious machine! Play another level full of puzzles, match-3 and fun finding hidden object games! Another grim adventure is waiting for you in unsolved hidden mystery games for free.

🧙 Lots of achievements!
Replay your favorite search and find hidden objects, match-3 and mini-games! Only a real detective will be able to get all the mystic achievements and become a ghost hunter!

🧙 Collectibles!
Collect coins to build your dollhouse! There are many mystical things waiting for you at each location, so explore each location in detail!

🧙 Unique content!
Solve all mysteries of ghosts and paranormal activity to earn achievements and get access to unique mystic wallpapers, concept art, music, and more in our hidden object adventure games!

Download one of the most amazing free hidden object games – Mystery Tales: Master of Puppets! Play the game for absolutely free, but if you feel stuck or don’t want to solve a mini-game, you may buy hints to help you proceed quicker!

Questions? Email us at support@dominigames.com
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Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of dark tales with hidden objects, puzzles and match-3 in this supernatural game by Domini Games f2p! Can you escape the room?

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