Peek a Phone - Detective Game

Peek a Phone - Detective Game

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Peek a Phone - Detective Game Peek a Phone - Detective Game Peek a Phone - Detective Game Peek a Phone - Detective Game Peek a Phone - Detective Game Peek a Phone - Detective Game Peek a Phone - Detective Game Peek a Phone - Detective Game

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июнь 02, 2024
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Peek a Phone is a realistic mystery adventure game where you’ll dive into an immersive story that sharpens your detective skills. Unravel the mystery, find the vital clue, solve the puzzle, and enter into realistic games!
🕵️ Will you help Sarah find her husband's secret lover?
🕵️ Can you locate the missing Chief of Police?
🕵️ Prepared to interrogate suspects and solve a criminal case?
🕵️ Want to peek through a dead man’s phone to solve a murder mystery?
🕵️ Ready to play texting games with a kidnapper?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Peek a Phone's mystery games are a perfect match for you!

Peek a Phone's adventures are released in missions, with a new one every week! In each of these adventure games, you will:

📱Access a fictional character’s mobile phone and reveal its unique story through investigating and unlocking apps, gathering clues, and resolving the central mystery.

🎯 HACK into authentic-feeling apps by solving brain puzzles that simulate real life.

🕵️ HELP your clients by returning their lost phones. You’ll peek into their unread messages, learn their story, and help the police crack the case using your detective and technology skills.

🔑 UNLOCK phone apps and discover new detective games. Deal with personal dilemmas and remember that everyone’s a suspect - even your clients!

💬 “This game is awesome sauce, with a whole lot of brainwork.“ J. Darnell

Cracked the Scriptic detective thriller? Watched all Netflix dramas? Solved the Sara is missing texting games? Finished the Duskwood interactive investigation? Then it’s time to uncover new mysteries in this ultra-realistic phone investigation game. Discover our unique and realistic game mechanics with our text-based missions. You’ll race the clock to find the last clue, enter into texting games with a kidnapper, send real emails, visit real websites, solve real cases, and much (much!) more.

🧩 Enjoy text-based puzzles, group chats, actual phone and video calls, photos, hackers, and video evidence. Blur the line between game and reality!

Imagine you’ve found an unlocked phone lying on the ground. Do you think you have what it takes to locate its rightful owner by playing our unique mystery games?

💬 “As an IT professional, I'm super impressed with the lengths they've gone to simulate a super realistic experience!” S. Murphy

Good luck, detective!

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions or comments via email: feedback@faintlines.com.

Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peekaphone/

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