Primitive Era: 10000 BC

Primitive Era: 10000 BC

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Primitive Era: 10000 BC Primitive Era: 10000 BC Primitive Era: 10000 BC Primitive Era: 10000 BC Primitive Era: 10000 BC Primitive Era: 10000 BC Primitive Era: 10000 BC Primitive Era: 10000 BC Primitive Era: 10000 BC Primitive Era: 10000 BC

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The brand new fishing leisure gameplay has been officially launched! Come and explore the vast ancient ocean, and easily collect prehistoric wild fish in the primitive world. Massive rewards are waiting for you to claim!
We are not only searching for the origin of humans, but also the starting point of mother earth.
Join the new casual SLG Primitive Era: 10000 BC to explore the magnificence of prehistoric civilizations such as Gendaya, Mesopotamia, Mulia, Atlantis and many others. Download the game for free and write your own history!

——Game Features——
[Unlock prehistoric civilization and explore the mysteries it holds]
Travel back to the prehistoric era to explore the vibrant virgin jungle and conquer nature. You need to build a territory from scratch and solve countless mysteries. You can explore the new continent with other chiefs and communicate with millions of players all around the world in real-time!

[Improve productivity and develop civilization]
In an era where resources are lacking, chiefs are required to develop their tribes with knowledge and build civilizations using languages and tools.

[Expand your tribe with romance]
To adapt to the changing natural environment and keep expanding your tribe, you must reproduce as many offspring as possible to achieve higher productivity.

[Domesticate wild beasts and expand your tribe]
Collaborate with different tribe members to domesticate prehistoric beasts such as mammoths and saber-toothed tigers. With personalized display and diversified decorations, Primitive Era is committed to providing all chiefs with the freest game experience of tribe construction!

[Fight other tribes and emerge as the ruler of all]
Switching strategies of buildings and heroes will deliver a different gaming experience. You will conquer the world and decide the direction of civilization development as the leader of the strongest tribe!

If you need any help, please contact us via the "Service Center" in the game or e-mail us at Kefu@zhuoxunnet.com
Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/AnnoPrimitive
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/annoprimitive
Discord: https://discord.gg/bsVEzRkXtE

1. This game can be downloaded for free, but it contains certain pay items and services.
2. According to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of 37GAMES, this game is specially designed for users aged above 12.
3. Internet connection is required to play this game. Please make sure your device can be connected to the Internet.

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