Simplest RPG - AFK Idle Game

Simplest RPG - AFK Idle Game

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Simplest RPG - AFK Idle Game Simplest RPG - AFK Idle Game Simplest RPG - AFK Idle Game Simplest RPG - AFK Idle Game Simplest RPG - AFK Idle Game Simplest RPG - AFK Idle Game Simplest RPG - AFK Idle Game Simplest RPG - AFK Idle Game Simplest RPG - AFK Idle Game Simplest RPG - AFK Idle Game

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июнь 02, 2024
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Join our Discord to be a part of one of the most fun and simple RPG Game: https://discord.gg/xBpYSgr
You won't find simpler RPG!
You always wanted to play an RPG but you thought that it's too hard to understand? Simplest RPG - AFK Idle Game is something that you were looking for!

Chose one of 4 classes!
In Simplest RPG - AFK Idle Game you are able to chose between 4 different classes:
▶Knight - with sword and shield,
▶Berserker - with axe,
▶Mage - with wand,
▶Bowman - with bow.
Each of them give you different abilities and purpose in the game!

RPG with wide range of customizations!
▶ Create unique avatar for your hero!
▶ Mix-and-match statistics and items for your combat style.
▶ Enjoy animated arena PvP fights!
▶ Battle as your favorite class of fantasy character.
▶ Enrich your hero with pets that are coming soon to Simplest RPG - AFK Idle Game!
▶ Max Level is 2000 - make your hero reach the cap!

Multiplayer Idle RPG Gameplay
▶ Create guild with other heroes.
▶ Beat the other guilds in 30 days seasons!
▶ Level up your guild and get amazing bonuses.
▶ AFK option for busy players!
▶ Fight monsters, visit ruins or try your hero in survival mode!

Contest and events!
▶ Compete with other heroes in regular contests!
▶ Win great prizes and unique equipment!
▶ Pure MMORPG experience is waiting!

We want every Simplest RPG - AFK Idle Game fan and every mobile gamer to be able to enjoy role play experience of our game! You can fully enjoy our Idle AFK MMORPG without ever spending a penny!

Climb the leaderboards as you take down challenges, so everyone will recognize your hero's legacy! You’ll earn mighty rewards along the way as well.

👹 Will your hero face the all-powerful boss and defeat him?
🏆 Play the adventure of your life and get glory and fame!
🛡️⚔️ Triumph in PvP battle and become immortal hero!
⚔️ Fight dozens of different monsters!
🌟 Game is free of ads!
🗡️ Complete quests and quick tasks!
💎 Looks great on low-end and high-end devices
📖 Simple text RPG adventure story
🌟 Free-to-play friendly, all players can obtain the best gear with earned in-game gold
🦹‍♀️ Upgrade your items. Blacksmith Margaret will help you with this!
🏆 Create guild with your friends. Conquer this magical world together.
🗡️ Collect rare and unique items for your hero! Mighty power dozes in them.
🕹 Nice and easy AFK option for busy you! Enjoy Idle MMORPG!
🧙‍♂️ Our shaman Sophia will heal you from all injuries! 
🏞 Enjoy role play vibes with idle gameplay!

Having trouble? Contact us at help@simplestrpg.com

Roadmap: https://trello.simplestrpg.com/

▶ Social
Join our discord to be part of an active online community!
Official Discord: https://discord.gg/xBpYSgr
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/SimplestRPG
Official Fanpage: https://facebook.com/SimplestRPG
Official Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/SimplestRPG/

Install NOW and play our AFK Idle RPG today! 📥

- It's MMORPG - internet connection is required
- You can play it when you're AFK
- It's an idle gameplay
- You can use Guest Login feature

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