Sky Defense: War Duty

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Sky Defense: War Duty Sky Defense: War Duty Sky Defense: War Duty Sky Defense: War Duty Sky Defense: War Duty Sky Defense: War Duty Sky Defense: War Duty Sky Defense: War Duty Sky Defense: War Duty Sky Defense: War Duty

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май 27, 2024
Horus Entertainment
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Sky Defense: War Duty is an air force game, where you show off your tactical thinking and shooting skills to win, enjoy beautiful dogfights with a variety of new guns and air force weapons combined with stunning visuals and sounds. Get ready to become the best professional shooter.
Immerse yourself in a realistic World War 2 plane game - an action-packed shooting game set in a modern battleground mobile environment. You will have to shoot down enemy air forces, aircraft and fighter jets to become sky warriors and secure your dominion.

★ Immersive game with thrilling story★
In a call of duty, as an air soldier in this 3D action adventure, your mission is to strategically attack enemies, utilizing anti-aircraft and missile defense systems. "Modern combat" transforms the typical war gaming scenario with the immersive game mechanics inspired by the war games

★Become a legend in airplane simulator★
Join forces with your comrades in this guns game, where base attacks and air defenses become the key to victory in air war. The war planet awaits, and with air troops, you'll experience a unique blend of air troops combat and futuristic warfare. Engage in battlegrounds in modern warfare that challenge your skills and strategy, as the chaos of the warzone mobile unfolds around you.
Before base attacks, In call of duty, the battle grounds are your domain, and as you play battleground missions, the free defeat of enemies becomes your ultimate goal. Will you rise to the challenge and dominate the war face in this warzone mobile game? It's time to prove your mettle in this immersive and action-packed warzone adventure!

★ Hundreds of levels and unique guns ★
Choose from a variety of guns including Handguns, Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Heavy Machine Guns, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles and Rocket Launchers anti-aircraft and missile defense systems, air defenses. Since it's a guns game, choose the right gun and release your standoff status !

★The perfective mobile graphics ★
We push the boundaries of what's possible on air force games! Sky Defense is an engaging killing game with great graphics that blur the lines between console games and mobile games making modern combat awesome!

★Dedication to quality★
In a chaos battle, air war, fighter plane,... attack enemies, we always challenge ourselves to push the boundaries of mobile FPS online games to fast-paced shooter games. Millions of players love killing game have been fascinated by our innovative approach to war gaming, advanced 3D action graphics and precise FPS controls. This may be the most unique free game you've ever seen.
If you love airplane simulation games, air force games, World War 2 airplane games, fighter plane games, modern war games, then Sky Defense: War Duty is the number 1 choice for you.

The war planet awaits, enter this free game now and fight with millions of attacking enemies. Escape standoff and Complete your mission and become a sky warrior!

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