Teen Werewolf Bigfoot Monster

Teen Werewolf Bigfoot Monster

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Teen Werewolf Bigfoot Monster Teen Werewolf Bigfoot Monster Teen Werewolf Bigfoot Monster Teen Werewolf Bigfoot Monster Teen Werewolf Bigfoot Monster

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июнь 12, 2024
Black Forest Hunter Survival
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Werewolves are just as old as Vampires, and just as mysterious beasts.
Werewolves are scary beasts type of monsters that’s the reason they are popular among the thrilling game players. This wolf simulator depicts all of the scenes and functionalities which a wolf follows entire his life to fulfil his monster type nature. The player learns how to safe himself as a werewolf and fight against the predators who attack or tend to attack.
Werewolf finds the innocent deer and lovely designed zebra to overcome his hunger fire. On the passage of life where Werewolves have to satisfy their living hunger they have to fight for the safety of their lives against the injurious animals, Hence the players are provided a platform for learning fights with big beasts like elephants, lions and other wolves of same species.
Player wolf enters to a forest where beautiful natural sceneries are simulated in the game. To enhance the activity wolf encounters a hunter who is searching and hunting the animals. Player now learns how to handle with the hunters in forest. As the game levels are cleared player as a werewolf finds a village where guard villagers attack on werewolf for their safety. Here werewolf becomes the beast animal and this monster gets wild as big foot creature. Werewolf kills all the guards and destroy the village houses as well as whoever comes on his path.
Features of Werewolf Story
• Visual demonstration of werewolves wild nature.
• Simulation for beast animals who overcome their hunger by hunting.
• How wild monsters fights with predators for life saving.
• Wonderful natural scenes in forests with hunting experience.
• Fighting and adventure of playing with animals in a lush green forests
• Back and forth controls on attack and survival of wild creatures.
• A simulation that really works for the players to distinguish among innocent creatures and wild monsters. A must play game for all ages and all genders.

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