Tower Defense - King Of Legend

Tower Defense - King Of Legend

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Tower Defense - King Of Legend Tower Defense - King Of Legend Tower Defense - King Of Legend Tower Defense - King Of Legend Tower Defense - King Of Legend Tower Defense - King Of Legend

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июнь 02, 2024
Be the king of legends‪.‬
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TD Tower Defense Game - King Of Legend is a classic and new tower defense game. There are countless enemies and you have to use your great tactics against the enemies and their king. There are 4 towers and 16 variations you can use (archer, mage, barracks, and turret). In addition, you have power-ups to help you when you cannot defeat a large number of enemies. These include freezing, fire rain, gold, and hearts...
Explore new lands in this tower defense game. Tower Defense - King of Legend will help you experience wonderful lands such as grasslands, deserts, lava land... with over 45 levels to conquer. Remember, each land, each level will have different powerful monsters… you will have to use your strategy to get the best results for this battle.

Want to prove yourself the best defender in the world? When using defensive tactics to collect stars after each match. Use them to upgrade your defenses. Make your tactics better every day. Enjoy tower defense king of legends challenges in our latest Tower Defense game.

• 3 lands to conquer, defeat your enemies and defend your kingdom.
• 45 levels you need to win.
• 4 basic towers and 16 variations.
• Collect stars to upgrade your tactical system.
• Compete with other players around the world. The king of goalkeeper legends.
• Face more than 20 enemies and their kings.
• Many huge and agile enemies. Use Power-ups to defeat them.
• Beautiful graphic style. Great sound effect.
• The best and newest strategy tower defense game for 2021.
• The TD – King of Legend is completely free.

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