Wakey Alarm Clock

Wakey Alarm Clock

3.0 - Scorpio - Build 30048 от XO Pixels
(0 Отзывы) июнь 12, 2024
Wakey Alarm Clock Wakey Alarm Clock Wakey Alarm Clock Wakey Alarm Clock Wakey Alarm Clock Wakey Alarm Clock Wakey Alarm Clock Wakey Alarm Clock

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3.0 - Scorpio - Build 30048
июнь 12, 2024
XO Pixels
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⏰ Wakey - The Cutest Alarm Clock
Wake up with a smile using Wakey, the cutest and most immersive alarm clock app in the universe! 😁

🚀 Features:

• The cutest alarm clock on Android
• Crafted with Material Design charm for an awesome user experience
• Exclusive Alarm Sounds: Gentle wake-ups with original ringtones
• Bedtime Reminders: Calmly cue your bedtime routine
• Wakeup Challenges: Solve different challenges to dismiss the alarm and wake up your brain
• Sleep Sounds: Choose the perfect backdrop sound for a restful night's sleep
• Wakeup Check: Let us check up on you after the alarm was dismissed. If you don't confirm your wakeup, we'll trigger the alarm again
• Powernap: Quick nap timers from 5 to 120 minutes, for the perfect mid-day nap
• Alarm Pause: Set a specific range to pause alarms
• Vacation Mode: Enjoy alarm-less time off
• Swipe to Dismiss: Easy snooze or dismiss with a swipe
• Custom Snooze Interval: Tailor the snooze interval to your liking

Minimalistic, Material Design for simplicity
Gradual Volume Fade-in for a gentle wake-up
Set alarms with custom ringtones or songs
Disable snooze for a focused wake-up
Location-based sunrise & sunset times for alarms
Optimized for the latest Android OS versions

Wakeup Challenge Types
• Math Challenge: Solve a custom amount of math questions
• Tap Challenge: Tap the screen however many times you like
• Barcode Challenge: Scan any or a specific barcode you preselect

Why Wakey?

Wakey is not just an alarm clock; it's a cute and gentle wake-up companion featuring:

• Spectacular design and immersive animations
• Original ringtones and delightful sounds
• Smiling sunrise and cute lunar animations

Join over 500K users who wake up with a smile using Wakey Alarm Clock, rated 4.5 stars by tens of thousands of people! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

🐧 Help us help you!
Have feedback or special requests? Reach out to us; we take user feedback seriously to make Wakey even more cute and wonderful.

This ad-free alarm clock app is crafted with ❤️

Rate Wakey on the Play Store or leave your comment. ⭐

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