War of Islands: Mine and Craft

War of Islands: Mine and Craft

2.0.4 от Gather men, prepare for battle
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War of Islands: Mine and Craft War of Islands: Mine and Craft War of Islands: Mine and Craft War of Islands: Mine and Craft War of Islands: Mine and Craft

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май 29, 2024
Gather men, prepare for battle
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Man your stations and prepare for battle! You are the leader of the clan, protect the town hall at all costs! With different troops at your disposal, prepare to fight in medieval warfare where you take on the enemy head-on.
Collect resources and establish your town by building barracks, markets, mines, etc. Conquer enemy islands by invading their town hall with your troops. Protect your base by building defenses. Upgrade your buildings to mine more resources, or create more troops.

As the leader, you will also have the ability to regain health and add armor by spending coins. You will lead your army to warfare in enemy waves. Reimagine medieval warfare with this fun, fast-paced, casual gameplay.

The game consists of 2 segments.
The first part is the crafting part, where you have to gather resources by mining stones with your trusty pickaxe! After that, you can either sell this stone on the market or spend it to build and improve your assets. Open-up shop and barracks, power up your general, and upgrade your island! But do it fast since you don't have much time! Here's where the second part comes in!
Your enemies are awake and they will attack your base for sure! And it's up to you to decide if you want your army to deal with them, or if you want to help your party and get that sweet loot by yourself! The enemies will be tougher and tougher with each wave coming at your side! So draw your sword and get ready for battle! While at war, you have to destroy the enemy's main camp! With that, you will get their treasure chest and will receive tons of gold to keep your base improving! And you can destroy enemy's barracks and mines and shops to get even more gold!
And that sums things up! But don't you think it would be that easy. If you forget to upgrade your army or help your troops, they will be destroyed in no time! So your victories depend on your decisions, general! Can you become the champion of the land and conquer the world?

- Fast-paced, intensive warfare game
- Different troops to fight with
- Amazing 3D graphics
- Crafting and upgrades
- Armies
- Beautiful eye-catching locations and islands for roaming
- Upgrade your town buildings to provide more support to your town
- Defensive frontlines to protect your town
- Fun and casual gameplay
- Intuitive interface

But more importantly, War of Islands: Mine and Craft Hero is absolutely FREE to download! So, what are you waiting for? Those war troops are ready for battle! Download now!

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