Wings of Heroes: plane games

Wings of Heroes: plane games

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Wings of Heroes: plane games Wings of Heroes: plane games Wings of Heroes: plane games Wings of Heroes: plane games Wings of Heroes: plane games Wings of Heroes: plane games Wings of Heroes: plane games Wings of Heroes: plane games Wings of Heroes: plane games Wings of Heroes: plane games

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май 28, 2024
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Take to the sky with a WW2 airplane war game from Rortos! Fly WW2 planes and fight in 5v5 war games. Choose a plane to fly, from epic WW2 dogfighters to bombers, and discover a war games plane flight simulator!
Key features of the Wings of Heroes WW2 war games flight simulator:

• Select your flying games plane from the WW2 fleet and prove yourself in 5v5 airplane war flying games!

• Choose your flying games strategy, sky pilot. Whether you go into your flying games as a fighter airplane or a bomber, you have to remember that you won’t pilot a modern plane. In this World War 2 flight simulator, you’ll have to pilot your plane in war-torn sky. So, team up with other sky pilots and become one of this airplane game’s epic heroes of WW2!

• Airplane games are about customization, and this WW2 flight simulator offers dozens of epic plane upgrades! Armor, fuselage… The list is long, like the list of airplane games planes: you can pilot a slow but unstoppable bomber or a deadly raiding fighter plane. Remember, though - each warplane requires different flying games and air sky combat skills!

• Enjoy an epic sky multiplayer flying game set during WW2. Pilot realistic flying games WW2 planes and dogfight in the sky! Team up with other pilots, become a feared ace of the airplane games skies, and master this action-packed flight simulator airplane war game!

What to expect in the battle skies of Wings of Heroes flight simulator:

- Plenty of daily airplane games rewards, awaiting you from the very beginning of war games;

- WW2 planes models released monthly;

- Different war games maps for you to show your sky combat skills;

- Game Achievements that allow you to win epic prizes.

Playing Wings of Heroes, you’ll have a chance to try 4 war games modes:

- Domination - capture and keep control points to win war games match;

- Ace Mode Domination - a challenging ww2 games mode in which auto-aim is disabled and you are rewarded with a higher xp ratio and more epic flying games rewards;

- Dogfight – a war games mode totally focused on a WW2 dogfight between opposing teams. Win by destroying a certain number of planes;

- Annihilation - destroy control points to win airplane games.

More than just a WW2 war plane flying game

In Wings of Heroes, you're more than just a good WW2 dogfighter in a flying game. This is a World War 2 plane war games and flight simulator, so you’ll have to learn to fly a bomber plane, know what a proper dogfight is, and become one with your plane. So spread your wings and go for epic 5v5 flying games with your planes! Join the WW2 heroes of the skies and climb in the airplane games.

Play World War 2 flying games

Pilot your airplane and fight in epic 5v5 WW2 war games! Flying and dogfighting isn’t easy in any flying games sky, let alone in a dedicated flying game! You have to remember, these flying games WW2 planes, though epic, aren’t like a modern jet! Fly with your squad and defend their war planes. Use all your flying games skills in this flight simulator and watch the sky around you. In Wings of Heroes, each flying game is something more than sky combat in other flight simulators and airplane games. Complete diverse sky missions and use the power of your epic WW2 planes!

Enjoy an epic World War 2 flying game
Have you ever wanted to become a true hero of airplane games and be a pilot in a WW2 airplane war games flight simulator? To feel the thrill of flying your plane through the skies? Download Wings of Heroes to play an amazing WW2 flying game, in which you’ll master different WW2 planes and become an ace of airplane games!

Your epic WW2 war games flight simulator
This is the flying game for you, airplane games lover wanting more than just an airplane game. It’s for those who love a flight simulator, but want more than just a flight simulator. The sky is yours.

Wings of Heroes requires a stable internet connection to take part in airplane games.

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